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The Ultra Titanium

The Ultra Titanium


Introducing the Titanium Ultra 5-Link Band for Apple Watch – a perfect union of strength and style designed specifically for the 44/45mm & Ultra models. The 5-Link Band, with its slightly wider width compared to the 3-Link version, adds a touch of modernity to your wrist. Crafted entirely from titanium, this band seamlessly aligns with the sleek design of the new Apple Watch Ultra, achieving the ultimate unity of form and function.


Style: 5 Link Band 

Band material: Titanium

Buckle design: Diver 

Size availability: 44/45mm & Ultra


Compatible with all Apple Watches.


The Lugs


Only at X Harmony

​Compatible with 38/40mm & 42/44mm


Sleek stainless or titanium surface 

Transform your Apple Watch with our seamless bands.

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