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X HARMONY Inc. designs premium bracelets for Apple Watch. Instead of putting interest on meaningless promotions or fame, quality and the contentment of our Harmoniques is the fundamental purpose we started all this.

At X HARMONY , we believe that integrating traditional watch bracelets with the leading technologies and digital devices can spark new ideas and inspirations. Bringing in together top designers, producers and motivators around the world.

Today, we will be focusing on two main goals that X HARMONY values the most: Quality & Innovation.


"Quality is more than making a good product"

The X HARMONY Team ensure that all our products are Quality checked before delivering them to you and here's how we do it:

  • When we say we use Stainless Steel, we mean 316L stainless steel. With the alloy own well known property of rust-resistance and anti-oxidation, it is the standard of alloy when coming to contact with skin.

  • Grade 2 Titanium for those who can't wear jewellery due to allergic reasons. With its ultimate tensile strength, ultra light weight, and high corrosion resistance, our titanium bracelets are designed to complement your Apple Watch and comfort to nickel allergy skin types.

All our bracelets made for Apple Watch have been designed, tested, and surpassed all regulations according to Apple's Accessory Design Guidelines for Apple Devices.

Every X HARMONY Bracelet series has been crafted with premium material, so you can expect outstanding performance, flexibility and exceptional comfort. Accompanied with a mini screw, our bracelets can be adjusted to fit just about any wrist size.


"Taking the best of the past and combining it with modern technology"

At X HARMONY we Cooperate with both in house designers and "X" feat. with world wide designer talents to bring you the most exciting bracelets for your Apple Watch.

From collaborating with professionals in the fashion and accessories industry, we aim to bring in new techniques and skills into the current "smart watch device" industry.

For more enquiries, please contact us at or visit us on

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