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Features and Benefits of Traditional Watches & Smartwatches

Technology is giving watches a new life. With touchscreens, alerts for upcoming events, and health features, smartwatches had officially outsold traditional watches last year (2019).

However, while smartwatches can do literally everything an ordinary watch can do, there is a thing that makes traditional watches irreplaceable: the symbol that has been part of the luxury and lifestyle industry for the past years or even century of history. Their brand names, their iconic histories, and their high level of craftsmanship will always have their own supporters because they never want to purely put information on the wrist.

The only similarity between a smart watch and a traditional watch is that they both show time and date. Apart from that, it is in fact hard to compare between the two accessories. So today, we will be analysing more on the features and benefits of both traditional watches and smartwatches


“The reality of life in the 21st century is that we wake up to technology, drive with technology, work with technology and come home to watch technology. Building a watch that intentionally moves us away from that constriction to screen time was a leading factor…” - The Hook + Gaff Watch Company

With its simple functionality and in-depth details, traditional timepieces are hard to fully replace. The use of premium materials such as sapphire crystal, titanium and leather can be seen more on traditional watches to match with their aesthetic and luxury designs, as well as the more complex functions such as moon phase, perpetual calendar, and more.

Having their modern inspiration created through past designs, traditional timepieces connect their customers to their hundreds of years watch-making history, heritage, design and materials. The impressive art watchmaking develops through time and precision is what makes mechanical watches special and long-lasting.


“Fundamentally redesigned and re-engineered to help you stay even more active, healthy and connected.” - Apple

Techs are becoming a part of our daily clothing, fashion industry, and lifestyle. Smartwatches offers more functions such as notifications, calls, messages, and emails, some even offers fitness and health features. They are perfect for the rapid lifestyle that relies on information on-the-go, being an extension of who you are.

With new possibilities and changes in the world daily, smartwatch companies are constantly innovating and introducing new functions for visionary results.


“Each type of watch serves a different purpose. You may even own one of each.”

Smartwatches and traditional “Swiss” watches are in different league and they are both here to stay meaning that watch lovers have the luxury of choice!

One solution can be to make greater strides in the hybrid offering, filling the gap in the market for those who are indecisive. With buying a hybrid, you can not only keep your timeless good look of a traditional watch, but also enjoy accessing the popular ‘techy’ lifestyle and features.

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