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What differs X HARMONY Vs Other similar products on the Market ? Surprise with data!

At X HARMONY, our vision is to provide the market with an exceptional above par Quality Stainless band and Titanium band at a reasonable price.

So what is different? The below are some of our differences. And hold on tight, you may be surprised.

1- Streamline Band = From the start, Claudio. R / Italy led our design team when designing the Infinity Series bands Claudio insisted to have a Streamlined curve Band just as in the Top Tier Traditional Mechanical Watches. Claudio and the team hence did not opting to cost pressure of producing a "1 Size trunk band" (you know like the 1980s, when everyone was wearing a Bulky huge 1 size paints the good old days) which is most style of the Metal Band from other brands are selling. For the truth, It would be much easier and cheaper to produce a bulky paints band. But at X HARMONY our aim is to provide you and the market another standard and lifting the bar higher for better Quality Bands for Apple Watch.

Watch our Stream Line on the video below:- The lug then 3 piece streamlined just as like a human body needs a Waist to be in a good shape. Not a "Beer Belly". (Avenger: End Game, Beer Belly Thor or the Sexy Thor that had a waist with 6 Packs ?)

2- Carefully Chosen Material = Unlike other brands on the market. We went through the top 5 factories and choose our producing Partner that have the backing of 35+ year of experience and History in crafting Top Tier Mechanical watch Bands. At X HARMONY we test the material of our raw material by Portable lab Analysis namely NITON X-RAY. Which will analysis the material used, If we say it is 316L. It will be 316L and if it is AeroSpace Titanium CP Grade with 99%+ Titanium. It will be 99%+ CP Grade Titanium.

* We have noticed alot of metal bands on the market when they state their product is made from 316L. Their product is not 316L but 316, and some even 304. As for titanium, Not pure as 99% CP Titanium.

Ps. I am not good at chemistry. But our experts do. 304 is a Stainless which is rust resistant but it is not corrosion resistance. (Human sweat is PH 4~5. It is acidic) That is why you need to add more good expensive raw material, Extra Nickel and Extra Molybednum to become 316. And Even 316 is not Enough!

For Top Tier 1 Watches and Band, the standard is 316L. Meaning must be 12% Min. Nickel, 17% Chrome min, 2.2% Molybednum, and L standard for LOW Carbon. With the 316L it is the Standard to be in contact with your skin. (You dont want bad chemistry on your skin and thats just put a full stop here.)

Thanks to a Fan of X HARMONY whom told us about the above., and he even video recorded his Findings by using a NITON Portable X-RAY Chemistry analyzer. You can bet how frustrated he was buying band after band until happily settling down with X HARMONY Infinity series band.

3- CLASP = Our Clasp are the most stunning part of the Band. Clasp are carefully produced and it is the most modern clasp on the market, Thank you Claudio and to our Partner workshop. The Quality are exceptional. If you compare X HARMONY Clasp with other clasps on the market, you will notice that most of the clasp on the market are out-dated clasp technology that is 15year old. Namely "1 Piece Clasp". The function works, But the looks and feel, it is just out of touch.

See our Beautiful stunning Diver clasp in Titanium and Stainless Butterfly Clasp!!

4- Lugs (The piece that joins the Apple Watch to the Band) = Our Lugs are produced from CNC machinery. Each Piece alone will take 2 hours to craft. Comparing our lugs to others and your will notice that our lugs are much durable, and not a Pin/Wire holding your Apple Watch and band together (do you sense a risk? I do, I wont risk that Apple Watch falling down), yet at X HARMONY all our series bands Each of our lug is a Full piece of Stainless 316L or Titanium crafted by chunk as a whole that is holding your Apple Watch and our Infinity series Band.

5- Screws = Our Bands are linked using precision Screws just like the Top tier 1 watches. Most others on the Market uses out of date "Hair Pins".

6- Overall experience = From receiving your Infinity Series, We hope and believe you will find enjoyment from our special notice on our packing. We dont just sent you a "3C" product we strive to give you an lovely overall experience. Also but not the least, When you finally put it on your wrist, We trust you will find the Perfect Feel for your wrist and comfort and stunning.


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