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What is a Diver Clasp?!

Previously, Bracelet (in Apple Watch world now called a Band) With Diver Clasp is only available for Top Tier Mechanical Movement Watch world Mostly to Swiss top brands.

Now, Drum beat sound on the background, it will be available soon only on X HARMONY. Never in APPLE WATCH Smart watch history there have been a Diver Clasp made. X HARMONY will fill that vacuum and with it making a small history With APPLE watch lovers. We wish to celebrate that with you, Pls. subscribe to our mailing list and wait list if you are interested to be noticed when Infinity Luxe arrives.

Diver Clasp functions includes:-

1- Diver Clasp's Double Lock functionality. Now your clasp is double LOCKED

2- Diver extension, Extension of band/bracelet from 0~1cm with a single push button on the back of the diver clasp.

Ps. What else is Coming to X HARMONY for the Infinity Series..... Well. There are 2 more products in the Infinity Series that is on track to surely indulge the Apple Watch lover's world in 2021.

If you are an Apple Watch Fan and a lover for Truly Premium Stainless and Luxury Titanium Band. You will find our product of band and bracelet to suit your Apple Watch and to be truly worthy.


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