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X HARMONY Bracelets Available @ Kickstarter, Amazon, PChome

In order to simplify your shopping experience, X HARMONY Team is happy to announce that we are expanding our visibility to three other platforms: Kickstarter, Amazon, PChome.


In order to make our Limited Edition bracelet possible, we invite you to our Kickstarter Event to help us crowdfund for our Infinity Titanium Bracelet x Titanium Buddy Clasp.

For now, you can subscribe to our newsletter here for updates or ask us anything and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


As shoppers ourselves, simplicity has always been one of the main reasons we shop on certain platforms such as Amazon. With the continuous growth in Amazon's users daily, we hope our customers get the opportunity to shop, pay, and add points on their Amazon account all-in-one go. We want to make sure that you have an effortless shopping experience anytime, anywhere, anyplace.


For shoppers, in other geographical regions, who cannot access Amazon, you are not excluded! X HARMONY bracelets are also available on PChome, one of the biggest online shopping platforms in Taiwan, diversifying your shopping experience.


Having said that, we @ will always be available for all our Harmoniques to shop, browse, or read our latest inspirations & blogs.


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